What would it be like if I could accept life - accept this moment - exactly as it is?

Tara Brach

Human beings everywhere yearn to feel connection, safe, healthy and acceptance. Stressors in life coupled with our emotional and mental habits, often leave us feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and anxious. This is exactly where we begin - right now - as we are, where we are. Bringing mindful awareness to our present life situations offers the possibility of creating long lasting change for personal well-being.

The art of mindful awareness is often described as simple but not easy. We all have awareness, we simply need to evolve in practice. The more we practice, the more available and refined awareness becomes.

A very gradual process of understanding occurs when we are willing to observe our experience with interest. We eventually learn how to co-exist with the natural pleasures and difficulties inevitable in our lives and celebrate the complexity of human evolution as well as our unique personality.